Those never ending bad weeks!!

It has been awhile since I have written a blog. So many things happening including starting up my own mobile makeup business which has taken off really well and fast!

AND last week was just one of those weeks. I could not find motivation, I felt tired, grumpy and not me, AT ALL!! Each day I woke up thinking, today is a new day and it can only be better than yesterday! But actually, it got worse as the week went on.

It is crazy how much you depend on sleep to get through the days. My girls are not the best of sleepers when it comes to night time, but I swear last week was a full moon as they just did not sleep well, waking constantly and taking me ages to get them back to bed and asleep. This week has been so much better, it is all about getting your head and mind in the right state and taking on the week being positive and just taking everything as it comes.

My biggest fault is that I over analyse everything, I plan too much and then I become so overwhelmed I start to stress. I think that all becomes part of my daily exhaustion.

So any Mums out there that are struggling with never ending sleepless nights, never ending testing days and motherhood in general, it will get easier, it may not feel like it for now. But the good days will start to eventually outweigh the bad. Don’t be too harsh on yourself our little bundles of happiness depend on us day in and day out and to me that gives me pure happiness 🙂




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My children do not like sleep!

I am one tired Mumma, I am living off 4-5 hours sleep a night (broken sleep that is). Exhaustion is an understatement, it’s not even 7am yet and I don’t know how I am going to make it through the day! 

My eldest daughter who is 3.5 years old comes into our bed every night. Most the time, I don’t even know she has come in until my youngest daughter who is 15 months wakes up. 

It used to be that I could resettle my youngest by finding her dummy and she would be okay. But now the protesting has started and after an hour I make my way back to bed, then within an hour, she is awake again. The process starts again and after about an hour of sleep for me both the girls are awake and ready to start the day.

I am literally lost as what to do.. I thought it may have been a phase but it’s been going on for too long for it to be a phase.

So Mums out there, any help or tips are much appreciated. 


One day…

One day soonish, I hope to have my own home Makeup Studio completed. I have been inspired by so many artists for so long now and searching online looking at studio ideas has me so excited..

Designing a studio would be so much fun, plus having somewhere proper to store all my products and cases would be even better! 

Why not dream big!!!

Makeup for a special event…

All ready for a special football presentation night with the hubby..

I had so much fun doing this gorgeous girls makeup! A total beauty on the inside and out.. 

We went for a soft natural look, not too heavy on the eyes but enough to make them pop.

Soft browns on the eye base and heavier Browns on the outer eye to blend in to make a soft natural look. 

Nice soft touch of black gel liner to make those gorgeous eyes pop. Also used the shine highlighter from the contour palette to make those cheek bones stand out nicely and give that shimmering glam effect for a night out. Soft splash of soft pink blush for the cheeks and a soft natural lip shine finish.. 

Thanks for letting me doll you up for that special event..



Just because we are grown up doesn’t mean we stop dreaming.

Just because we are grown up doesn’t mean we stop achieving.

Just because were are grown up doesn’t mean we stop wanting.

Just because we are grown up doesn’t mean we have to give up.


My passion, my love and my aspirations are all coming together. I know it will be hard work and a slow journey but I am excited and I cannot wait to show the world and everyone what I can do and achieve.

I am proud of myself, although also nervous too. But hey, having nerves and excitement only leads to amazing things, this just shows how passionate I really am.

So if there are things in life that you want to do, do it!!

If you hate your job – find something new

If you want a challenge – find something that will challenge you


Don’t beat yourself up about hating what you are doing and wishing you could be doing something else. You have control over all those decisions, so make the decision to make yourself happy!


So follow those big dreams of yours and share the love around!!


When our body tells us to slow down…

We all do it, we get caught up in routines or work life and we become that physically and mentally exhausted that we find we start to have trouble sleeping at night or we find that our brains are in constant over drive which is mentally draining itself.

Today was the day that my body gave me all the signs to slow down. So I did.

I decided to give my body a break today from training and let it repair itself, especially after an intense bootcamp yesterday. I also felt quite flat when I woke up. Considering most nights I am only getting 4-5 hours of sleep.. AND that is broken sleep.

This blog is not a POOR ME blog, but to let you know that you do not have to constantly be on the go 24/7.

I am such a routine orientated person that today it actually felt nice not to be. At this present moment, I am feeling at ease. Mentally and physically.

Some signs to show that you need to slow down:

Exhaustion or feeling sad…

The feeling of being overwhelmed…

If you are at work – you might find that you are making more mistakes than normal… Or you might find that you are also rushing through your work…

You are not getting enough sleep…because your body is in overdrive it does not know how to slow down…

You may find you are always multitasking… STOP – take a breathe and remember, not everything has to be done at once…


We only have one body, remember to look after yourself, nourish yourself, stop rushing around, try and get a goodnights sleep (haha I know I am dreaming here), eat well, get lots of vitamin D – It is great for the soul…